So there wasn't too much info while I was researching cryoskin (although I liked what I heard about it), and I really want to track my personal health journey to keep myself motivated. I also tried Emsculpt which was so painful for me so I want to share my experiences of all these dope fitness devices I am trying. 

I almost tried cool sculpting but had heard reviews about girls I knew not getting sensation back to the area or having it still feel numb and I was honestly terrified to try. My spa offers Cryoskin and Cryotone which I became intrigued with since I love Cryotherapy.

Basically Cryoskin is a gentle way to freeze the fat. It's super effective because it first heats up for two minutes which activates the fat and then for 13 minutes its cold which freezes the fat. Freezing the fat essentially kills it and allows your body to release it with your pee. (Not a doctor so don't know the scientific terms lol). I also loved that Leah the technician provided a lymphatic drainage massage through out the process to really speed up the fat cells leaving my body.

When I saw the side to side I was seriously blown away. I lost 2.5 inches from just one treatment and am expected to lose another inch throughout the next week. I am always so skeptical about all the different treatments since there are so many nowadays but this one I saw work before my own eyes. 

It is recommended of course for best results to eat healthy, drink a ton of water, and maintain a fitness routine. Cryoskin can be done once per week and I'm seriously looking forward to next Friday for my next session. 

Activ8 in Boyton Beach is one of the few places in South Florida that has this advanced technology and I highly recommend checking them out!