I would like to preface this, with again reiterating I am not a doctor so I don't know the technical medical words and of course you should always consult your primary doctor before trying new procedures. I'm just sharing my experiences to track MY health journey and share what I am doing to get myself mentally, spiritually, and physically healthy. 

I got my first colonic about four years ago and it was really spiritual. At the time I was vegan, and I truly felt I was releasing all the meat I had unwillingly eaten as a child. Your body can hold onto red meat for five days, but I really felt I was releasing burgers I ate when I was 12. And it felt wonderful. I felt so connected to my body as a temple for my soul. 

I recently moved back to South Florida, from LA and indulged in some different food choices than I was used to. I was enjoying being with friends and socially eating a wider variety of foods than I typically would including fried food and more fish. A week prior to my colonic, once I had the appointment scheduled, I began connecting with my body again. Asking myself, how would I feel to eat this? Is this nourishing my cells and fueling my body? Is this processed? For me it became spiritual again and brought me back to a place of loving my body, preparing for a cleanse for a fresh start. I hope to continue this after, although new habits take time so I will offer myself grace while adjusting to clean food choices again. 

Spa Lavage is seriously someplace I truly recommend and where I have had all these wonderful experiences. Erin, the owner has always been so helpful and full of resources. I can have anxiety for new experiences and she always put me at ease. Not only that, her machine truly is the best. I prefer open system, just because I like privacy. In LA actually I had been on certain machines where the water temperature would rise, or the water tank would be too low and it was really terrifying and didn't allow me to relax and fully immerse myself in the experience. Erins machines have bigger water tanks and you can watch everything happen. She also is right out side and there is a little bell to press if you need help or have any questions. A tip I would recommend from personal experience too, is to ask for some electrolytes BEFORE as well as after. 

I truly have felt like I am FLYING. I have so much energy, no brain fog, feel lighter cleaner, and grateful for my mind, body and spirit.